How Home Nurtures and Inspires Your Life Journey


One of the most important ways you can enrich the soulfulness of your home is to make it a place that honors the process of living. I came across a beautiful example of this at an apartment building in Santa Rosa, California. Next to the entrance, a series of murals lovingly depicts the passage from newborn infant to aged death. Images such as this offer poignant reminders that moving from one stage of life another is natural. What seems like a loss at a given moment can become a gain at the next. Furthermore, these murals show us that we are not alone in our day-to-day challenges and triumphs. Everyone inhabiting this apartment building goes through them and these shared experiences make us all members of the human family.

Your home can honor your life journey in many ways. You may already being doing this by displaying photos of your family. Arranging these images in a sequence that shows change through time increases awareness of the growth and continuity of living. You could also create a tradition of  changing your decor to mark seasonal cycles, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Honoring transitions in your home avoids the freeze frame idea of design that makes it static and lifeless. Instead you can dwell in a living, breathing environment that participates in natural rounds of renewal.