Architecture Services provide the drawings, documents and other information required to translate your needs and dreams into a completed project.


On-Site Meeting

Most projects start with an on-site meeting to talk about fulfilling your goals in relation to remodeling your existing house or building a new one. Based on this meeting, I will prepare an Architectural Services Proposal for your approval.


As-Built Drawings (For Remodels and Additions)

Based on your approval of my Architectural Services Proposal, I will measure your existing house and create as-built drawings, consisting of floor plans and exterior elevations showing the location and size of all rooms and components of the building. Most projects will also require a Site Survey created by a licensed surveyor.


Schematic Design

Based on your project goals and the existing site conditions, I will create Schematic Design Documents consisting of floor plans, exterior elevations and 3D sketches that describe the location and size of all the rooms and elements included in the design. We will meet to discuss the drawings and I will modify the design to meet your goals. Schematic Design Documents are often coordinated with Landscape Design.


Planning Submittals

As required, the schematic design drawings to will be submitted to the Planning Department for Design Review. If a public hearing is required, I will represent you and present your project for approval.


Permit and Construction Documents

Based on approval of the schematic design drawings by the Planning Department, I will create Permit and Construction Documents consisting of floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, details, specifications and other documents required for obtaining a building permit and constructing the project. These drawings are done in coordination with Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Landscape Architecture and other consultant documents as required.


Bidding Coordination

Following Building Permit approval, or often during the review process, I will work with you to select a building contractor and obtain bids for your project.


Construction Observation

During the construction of your project, I will visit the building site from time to time to consult with the building contractor to with the purpose of having your finished project meets your goals.